GeneSet2miRNA -- Web server that looks for miRNAs in gene sets

What you can do:
Find evidence of miRNAs in a gene set of interest.
  • GeneSet2miRNA is a web-based tool which is able to identify whether or not a gene list has a signature of miRNA-regulatory activity.
  • As input, GeneSet2miRNA accepts a list of genes.
  • As output, a list of miRNA-regulatory models is provided.
  • A miRNA-regulatory model is a group of miRNAs (single, pair, triplet or quadruplet) that is predicted to regulate a significant subset of genes from the submitted list.
  • GeneSet2miRNA provides a user friendly dialog-driven web page submission available for several model organisms.
  • miRNA
  • RNA interference
  • gene set analysis
  • miRNA gene regulation
  • gene regulation
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