SROOGLE -- Splicing RegulatiOn Online GraphicaL Engine

What you can do:
Find graphical information on splicing related data on DNA segments.
  • SROOGLE is a web server that makes splicing signal sequence and scoring data available to the biologist in an integrated, visual, easily interpretable, and user-friendly format.
  • The input consists of the sequence of an exon and flanking introns.
  • The graphic browser output displays the four core splicing signals with scores based on nine different algorithms and highlights sequences belonging to 13 different groups of SRSs.
  • The interface also offers the ability to examine the effect of point mutations at any given position, as well a range of additional metrics and statistical measures regarding each potential signal.
  • splicing
  • alternate splicing
  • splice site
  • intron
  • exon
  • splicing regulatory sequences
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