LitInspector -- Gene and signal transduction pathway literature mining tool

What you can do:
Find information in PubMed about gene and signal transduction pathways.
  • LitInspector is a literature search tool providing gene and signal transduction pathway mining within NCBI's PubMed database.
  • The automatic gene recognition and color coding increases the readability of abstracts and significantly speeds up literature research.
  • LitInspector uses automatically generated and manually refined filtering lists to resolve homonyms and reject identical abbreviations used in a 'non-gene' context.
  • The quality of the LitInspector results was assessed with a published dataset of 181 PubMed sentences.
  • LitInspector achieved a precision of 96.8%, a recall of 86.6% and an F-measure of 91.4%.
  • literature mining
  • text mining
  • gene pathway
  • signal transduction pathway
  • PubMed
  • Medline
This record last updated: 09-03-2009
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