Berkeley PHOG -- Phylofacts Orthology Group prediction

What you can do:
Detect orthologs for functional genome analysis.
  • PHOG is a web server that employs a novel algorithm to identify orthologs based on phylogenetic analysis.
  • Results on a benchmark dataset from the TreeFam-A manually curated orthology database show that PHOG provides a combination of high recall and precision, and allows users to target different taxonomic distances and precision levels through the use of tree-distance thresholds.
  • PHOG is based on pre-computed trees in the PhyloFacts resource, and contains over 366 K orthology groups with a minimum of three species.
  • Predicted orthologs are linked to GO annotations, pathway information and biological literature.
  • phylogeny
  • ortholog detection
  • super-ortholog
  • protein family phylogenies
  • PhyloFact
  • protein-protein interaction
  • phylogenetic tree construction
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