PhyloPars -- Phylogeny-based Parameters estimation web server

What you can do:
Find information about species' metabolic parameters from phylogenetic data.
  • The PhyloPars web server provides a statistically consistent method that combines an incomplete set of empirical observations with the species phylogeny to produce a complete set of parameter estimates for all species.
  • It builds upon a state-of-the-art evolutionary model, extended with the ability to handle missing data, which makes optimal use of all available information to produce estimates that can be an order of magnitude more accurate than ad-hoc alternatives.
  • Uploading a phylogeny and incomplete feature matrix suffices to obtain estimates of all missing values, along with a measure of certainty.
  • Real-time cross-validation provides further insight in the accuracy and bias expected for estimated values.
  • phylogeny
  • metabolic paramters
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