T-REKS -- identification of Tandem REpeats in sequences with a K-meanS based algorithm

What you can do:
Find information about tandem repeats in proteins that carry fundamental biological functions and are related to a number of human diseases.
  • T-REKS is a program for ab initio identification of the tandem repeats.
  • It is based on clustering of lengths between identical short strings by using a K-means algorithm.
  • Benchmark of the existing programs and T-REKS on several sequence datasets is presented.
  • The program being linked to the Protein Repeat DataBase opens the way for large-scale analysis of protein tandem repeats.
  • T-REKS can also be applied to the nucleotide sequences.
  • The algorithm has been implemented in JAVA.
  • tandem repeats
  • protein tandem repeat
  • K-means algorithm
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