W-ChIPMotifs -- ChIP-based protein Motif discovery web server

What you can do:
Find de novo protein motifs from chromatin immunoprecipitation data.
  • W-ChIPMotifs is a web application tool for de novo motif discovery.
  • The web tool is based on the ChIPMotifs program which is a de novo motif finding tool developed for ChIP-based high through-put data and incorporated various ab initio motif discovery tools such as MEME, MaMF, Weeder and optimized the significance of the detected motifs by using a bootstrap resampling statistic method and a Fisher test.
  • Use of a randomized statistical model like bootstrap resampling can significantly increase the accuracy of the detected motifs.
  • The web tool has modified the program in two aspects: 1) refined the p-value with a Bonferroni correction; 2) incorporated the STAMP tool to infer phylogenetic information and to determine the detected motifs if they are novel and known using the TRANSFAC and JASPAR databases.
  • A comprehensive result file is mailed to users.
  • ChIP
  • chromatin immunoprecipitation
  • protein motif
  • motif
  • DNA-protein binding motif
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