aGEM -- Anatomic Gene Expression Mapping tool

What you can do:
Use to analyze spatial-temporal gene expression information.
  • aGEM is a platform that integrates phenotypic information with the spatial and temporal distributions of genes expressed in the mouse.
  • It was built by extending the Distributed Annotation System (DAS) protocol, which was originally designed to share genome annotations over the WWW.
  • DAS is a client-server system in which a single client integrates information from multiple distributed servers.
  • The aGEM Platform provides information to answer three main questions. (i) Which genes are expressed in a given mouse anatomical component? (ii) In which mouse anatomical structures are a given gene or set of genes expressed? And (iii) is there any correlation among these findings?
  • It includes several well-known mouse resources (EMAGE, GXD and GENSAT), hosting gene-expression data mostly obtained from in situ techniques together with a broad set of image-derived annotations.
  • gene expression
  • spatial-temporal expression
  • mouse
  • mus musculus
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