ConFunc -- Conserved residue Protein Function Prediction Server

What you can do:
Predict protein function using Gene Ontology.
  • ConFunc is an automated Gene Ontology (GO)-based protein function prediction approach, which uses conserved residues to generate sequence profiles to infer function.
  • ConFunc splits sets of sequences identified by PSI-BLAST into sub-alignments according to their GO annotations.
  • Conserved residues are identified for each GO term sub-alignment for which a position specific scoring matrix is generated.
  • This combination of steps produces a set of feature (GO annotation) derived profiles from which protein function is predicted
  • gene ontology
  • gene ontology annotation
  • GO annotation
  • functional annotation
  • function annotation
  • protein function
  • protein functional annotation
  • conserved residue
  • conserved protein residue
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