PNU -- Protein Naming Utility

What you can do:
Determine correct names for proteins.
  • The PNU is a web-based database for storing and applying naming rules to identify and correct syntactically incorrect protein names, or to replace synonyms with their preferred name.
  • It allows users to generate and manage collections of naming rules, optionally building upon the growing body of rules generated at the J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI).
  • Since communities often enforce disparate conventions for naming proteins, the PNU supports grouping rules into user-managed collections.
  • Users can check their protein names against a selected PNU rule collection, generating both statistics and corrected names.
  • The PNU can also be used to correct GenBank table files prior to submission to GenBank.
  • Currently, the database features 3080 manual rules that have been entered by JCVI Bioinformatics Analysts as well as 7458 automatically imported names.
  • protein naming convention
  • protein name
  • protein naming rules
  • protein annotation
  • protein functional annotation
  • functional annotation
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