SensSB -- Sensitivity analysis in Systems Biology models

What you can do:
Do mathematical analysis of biological systems.
  • SensSB is a MATLAB-based software toolbox, which integrates several local and global sensitivity methods that can be applied to a wide variety of biological models.
  • It aims to cover all the steps involved during the modeling process.
  • The main features are:
  • (i) derivative and variance based global sensitivity analysis
  • (ii) pseudo-global identifiability analysis
  • (iii) optimal experimental design based on global sensitivities
  • (iv) robust parameter estimation
  • (v) local sensitivity and identifiability analysis
  • (vi) confidence intervals of the estimated parameters
  • (vii) optimal experimental design based on the Fisher Information Matrix (FIM).
  • SensSB is also able to import models in the Systems Biology Mark-up Language (SBML) format.
  • sensitivity analysis
  • biological model
  • biological modelling
  • systems biology model
  • systems biology modelling
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