SBSPKS -- Structure Based Sequence Analysis of Polyketide Synthases

What you can do:
Perform sequence analysis on polyketide synthases.
  • SBSPKS is software for structure based sequence analysis of the biologically important class of proteins, polyketide synthases.
  • It consists of 3 parts:
  • Model_3D_PKS can be used for modeling, visualization and analysis of 3D structure of individual PKS catalytic domains, dimeric structures for complete PKS modules and prediction of substrate specificity.
  • Dock_Dom_Anal identifies the key interacting residue pairs in inter-subunit interfaces based on alignment of inter-polypeptide linker sequences to the docking domain structure. In case of modular PKS with multiple open reading frames (ORFs), it can predict the cognate order of substrate channeling based on combinatorial evaluation of all possible interface contacts.
  • NRPS-PKS provides user friendly tools for identifying various catalytic domains in the sequence of a Type I PKS protein and comparing them with experimentally characterized PKS/NRPS clusters cataloged in the backend databases of SBSPKS.
  • polyketide synthase
  • PKS
  • PKS catalytic domain
  • PKS docking domain
  • mammalian fatty acid synthase module
  • mammalian fatty acid synthase
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