PANDORA -- Protein ANnotation Diagram ORiented Analysis

What you can do:
Find information about protein sequence annotations.
  • PANDORA is a web server which functions as a platform for the advanced biological analysis of sets of genes, proteins, or proteolytic peptides.
  • The input set is mapped to a set of corresponding proteins.
  • Then, an analysis of the protein set produces a graph-based hierarchy which highlights intrinsic relations amongst biological subsets, in light of their different annotations from multiple annotation resources.
  • PANDORA integrates a large collection of annotation sources (GO, UniProt Keywords, InterPro, Enzyme, SCOP, CATH, Gene-3D, NCBI taxonomy and more) that comprise approximately 200 000 different annotation terms associated with approximately 3.2 million sequences from UniProtKB.
  • Statistical enrichment based on a binomial approximation of the hypergeometric distribution and corrected for multiple hypothesis tests is calculated using several background sets, including major gene-expression DNA-chip platforms.
  • Users can also visualize either standard or user-defined binary and quantitative properties alongside the proteins.
  • protein sequence annotation
  • protein functional annotation
  • gene expression
  • mass spectrometry proteomics
  • MS proteomics
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