ALADYN -- Protein Dynamics Alignment

What you can do:
Compare protein sequences by their dynamics.
  • The ALADYN web server aligns pairs of protein structures by comparing their internal dynamics and detecting regions that sustain similar large-scale movements.
  • The latter often accompany functional conformational changes in proteins and enzymes.
  • The ALADYN dynamics-based alignment can therefore highlight functionally-oriented correspondences that could be more elusive to sequence- or structure-based comparisons. It takes the structure files of the two proteins as input.
  • The optimal relative positioning of the molecules is found by maximizing the similarity of the pattern of structural fluctuations which are calculated via an elastic network model.
  • The resulting alignment is presented via an interactive graphical Java applet and is accompanied by a number of quantitative indicators and downloadable data files.
  • protein alignment
  • protein sequence alignment
  • protein dynamics
  • protein dynamics alignment
  • protein elasticity
  • protein structural elasticity
  • protein large-scale motion
  • large scale motion
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