TranslatorX -- Nucleotide sequence alignment and alignment cleaning based on amino acid information

What you can do:
Perform protein nucleotide sequence alignment.
  • TranslatorX is a web server designed to align protein-coding nucleotide sequences based on their corresponding amino acid translations.
  • Many comparisons between biological sequences (nucleic acids and proteins) involve the construction of multiple alignments.
  • TranslatorX includes: (i) use of all documented genetic codes and the possibility of assigning different genetic codes for each sequence;
  • (ii) a battery of different multiple alignment programs;
  • (iii) translation of ambiguous codons when possible;
  • (iv) an innovative criterion to clean nucleotide alignments with GBlocks based on protein information;
  • (v) a rich output, including Jalview-powered graphical visualization of the alignments, codon-based alignments coloured according to the corresponding amino acids, measures of compositional bias and first, second and third codon position specific alignments.
  • protein sequence alignment
  • codon alignment
  • amino acid alignment
  • nucleotide sequence alignment
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