SATCHMO-JS -- Simultaneous Alignment and Tree Construction using Hidden Markov Models - Jump Start

What you can do:
Perform protein sequence alignment and phylogenetic tree building.
  • SATCHMO-JS is a web server for simultaneous estimation of protein multiple sequence alignments (MSAs) and phylogenetic trees.
  • The server takes as input a set of sequences in FASTA format, and outputs a phylogenetic tree and MSA; these can be viewed online or downloaded from the website.
  • SATCHMO-JS is an extension of the SATCHMO algorithm, and employs a divide-and-conquer strategy to jump-start SATCHMO at a higher point in the phylogenetic tree, reducing the computational complexity of the progressive all-versus-all HMM-HMM scoring and alignment.
  • multiple sequence alignment
  • protein sequence alignment
  • sequence alignment
  • phylogenetic tree construction
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