Multi-Harmony -- multi-group Sequence Harmony & multi-Relief

What you can do:
Detect sub-family specific residues in alignments.
  • Multi-Harmony is an interactive web sever for detecting sub-type-specific sites in proteins starting from a multiple sequence alignment.
  • Combining Sequence Harmony (SH) and multi-Relief (mR) methods in one web server allows simultaneous analysis and comparison of specificity residues.
  • SH has been extended to cope with more than two sub-groups.
  • mR has been changed from a sampling implementation to a deterministic one.
  • The multi-Harmony web server produces a dynamic output page, which includes interactive connections to the Jalview and Jmol applets, thereby allowing interactive analysis of the results.
  • Sequence Harmony
  • multi Relief
  • multiple sequence alignment
  • sub-family residues
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