MSEA -- Metabolite Set Enrichment Analysis

What you can do:
Find patterns in metabolomic data.
  • MSEA is a web server to help researchers identify and interpret patterns of human or mammalian metabolite concentration changes in a biologically meaningful context.
  • Key to the development of MSEA has been the creation of a library of approximately 1000 predefined metabolite sets covering various metabolic pathways, disease states, biofluids, and tissue locations.
  • MSEA also supports user-defined or custom metabolite sets for more specialized analysis.
  • MSEA offers three different enrichment analyses for metabolomic studies including overrepresentation analysis (ORA), single sample profiling (SSP) and quantitative enrichment analysis (QEA).
  • ORA requires only a list of compound names, while SSP and QEA require both compound names and compound concentrations.
  • For non-mammalian or more specialized metabolomic studies, MSEA allows users to provide their own metabolite sets for enrichment analysis.
  • The MSEA server also supports conversion between metabolite common names, synonyms, and major database identifiers.
  • MSEA has the potential to help users identify obvious as well as 'subtle but coordinated' changes among a group of related metabolites that may go undetected with conventional approaches.
  • metabolite
  • metabolic pathway
  • metabolic network
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