ASPicDB -- Alternative Splicing PredICtion DataBase

What you can do:
Find information about alternative splicing gene variants.
  • ASPicDB is a database designed to provide access to reliable annotations of the alternative splicing pattern of human genes, and to the functional annotation of predicted isoforms.
  • A total of 256,939 protein variants from 17,191 multi-exon genes have been extensively annotated through machine learning tools providing information of the protein type (globular and transmembrane), localization, presence of PFAM domains, signal peptides, GPI-anchor propeptides, transmembrane and coiled-coil segments.
  • Full-length variants can be now specifically selected based on the annotation of CAGE-tags and polyA signal and/or polyA sites, marking transcription initiation and termination sites, respectively.
  • The retrieval can be carried out at gene, transcript, exon, protein or splice site level allowing the selection of data sets fulfilling one or more features settled by the user.
  • The retrieval interface also enables the selection of protein variants showing specific differences in the annotated features.
  • alternative splicing
  • multi-exon gene
  • protein variant annotation
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