CLIPZ -- Cross-Linking and ImmunoPrecipitation of mRNA database

What you can do:
Find information about mRNA binding sites from CLIP data.
  • CLIPZ is a database and analysis environment designed to put CLIP (cross-liking and immunoprecipitation of mRNA) data in a form that enables fast and interactive exploration of binding sites.
  • Binding site data for RBPs such as Argonaute 1-4, Insulin-like growth factor II mRNA-binding protein 1-3, TNRC6 proteins A-C, Pumilio 2, Quaking and Polypyrimidine tract binding protein can be visualized at the level of the genome and of individual transcripts.
  • Individual users can upload their own sequence data sets while being able to limit the access to these data to specific users, and analyses of the public and private data sets can be performed interactively.
  • CLIPZ aims to provide an open access repository of information for post-transcriptional regulatory elements.
  • cross-linking and immunoprecipitation
  • mRNA
  • messenger RNA
  • post-transcriptional regulatory element
  • mRNA binding sites
  • messenger RNA binding sites
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