PRIDB -- Protein-RNA Interface DataBase

What you can do:
Find information about protein-RNA complexes from the Protein Data Bank (PDB).
  • PRIDB is a comprehensive database of protein-RNA interfaces extracted from complexes in the Protein Data Bank (PDB).
  • It is designed to facilitate detailed analyses of individual protein-RNA complexes and their interfaces, in addition to automated generation of user-defined data sets of protein-RNA interfaces for statistical analyses and machine learning applications.
  • For any chosen PDB complex or list of complexes, PRIDB rapidly displays interfacial amino acids and ribonucleotides within the primary sequences of the interacting protein and RNA chains.
  • It also identifies ProSite motifs in protein chains and FR3D motifs in RNA chains and provides links to these external databases, as well as to structure files in the PDB.
  • An integrated JMol applet is provided for visualization of interacting atoms and residues in the context of the 3D complex structures.
  • The current version of PRIDB contains structural information regarding 926 protein-RNA complexes available in the PDB.
  • Atomic- and residue-level contact information for the entire data set can be downloaded in a simple machine-readable format.
  • Several non-redundant benchmark data sets of protein-RNA complexes are provided.
  • RNA-protein complex
  • RNA-protein interaction
  • protein-RNA interaction
  • protein-RNA complex
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