PREX -- PeroxiRedoxin classification indEX

What you can do:
Find information about peroxiredoxin protein subfamily.
  • PREX is a database of currently 3516 peroxiredoxin (Prx or PRDX) protein sequences unambiguously classified into one of six distinct subfamilies.
  • Peroxiredoxin family members were identified using the Deacon Active Site Profiler (DASP) bioinformatics tool to focus in on functionally relevant sequence fragments surrounding key residues required for protein activity.
  • Searches of this database can be conducted by protein annotation, accession number, PDB ID, organism name or protein sequence.
  • Output includes the subfamily to which each classified Prx belongs, accession and GI numbers, genus and species and the functional site signature used for classification.
  • The query sequence is also presented aligned with a select group of Prxs for manual evaluation and interpretation by the user.
  • A synopsis of the characteristics of members of each subfamily is also provided along with pertinent references.
  • peroxiredoxin
  • cysteine-dependent peroxidase
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