ThYme -- Thioester-active enzYme database

What you can do:
Find sequence and structure information about thioester-active enzymes.
  • The ThYme database has been constructed to bring together amino acid sequences and 3D (tertiary) structures of all the enzymes constituting the fatty acid synthesis and polyketide synthesis cycles.
  • These enzymes are active on thioester-containing substrates, specifically those that are parts of the acyl-CoA synthase, acyl-CoA carboxylase, acyl transferase, ketoacyl synthase, ketoacyl reductase, hydroxyacyl dehydratase, enoyl reductase and thioesterase enzyme groups.
  • These groups have been classified into families, members of which are similar in sequences, tertiary structures and catalytic mechanisms, implying common protein ancestry.
  • ThYme is continually updated as sequences and tertiary structures become available.
  • thioester-active enzyme
  • fatty acid synthesis
  • polyketide synthesis
  • thioester-active enzyme structure
  • thioester-active enzyme sequence
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