TMPad -- TransMembrane Protein Helix-Packing Database

What you can do:
Find information about the packing of α-helical transmembrane (TM) proteins.
  • TMPad integrates experimentally observed helix-helix interactions and related structural information of membrane proteins.
  • It offers pre-calculated geometric descriptors at the helix-packing interface including residue backbone/side-chain contacts, interhelical distances and crossing angles, helical translational shifts and rotational angles.
  • It also includes the corresponding sequence, topology, lipid accessibility, ligand-binding information and supports structural classification, schematic diagrams and visualization of the above structural features of TM helix-packing.
  • Through detailed annotations and visualizations of helix-packing, this online resource can serve as an information gateway for deciphering the relationship between helix-helix interactions and higher levels of organization in TM protein structure and function.
  • helix-helix interaction
  • transmembrane protein
  • transmembrane alpha-helix
  • alpha-helical protein
  • helix-packing
  • transmembrane protein structure
  • alpha-helical protein structure
This record last updated: 06-14-2011
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