TRIP database -- TRansient receptor potential channel-Interacting Protein Database

What you can do:
Find information about protein-protein interactions of mammalian TRP channels.
  • To facilitate the understanding of the molecular network by which TRP channels are associated with biological and disease processes, the TRIP (TRansient receptor potential channel-Interacting Protein) Database was developed.
  • It is a manually curated database that aims to offer comprehensive information on protein-protein interactions (PPIs) of mammalian TRP channels.
  • It was created by systematically curating 277 peer-reviewed literature; the current version documents 490 PPI pairs, 28 TRP channels and 297 cellular proteins.
  • It provides a detailed summary of PPI data that fit into four categories: screening, validation, characterization and functional consequence.
  • Users can find in-depth information specified in the literature on relevant analytical methods and experimental resources, such as gene constructs and cell/tissue types.
  • TRP channels
  • transient receptor potential channel
  • Ca(2+)-permeable cation channels
  • PPI
  • protein-protein interaction
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