ChemProt -- disease chemical biology database

What you can do:
Find information about chemical-protein interactions.
  • ChemProt is a disease chemical biology database which is based on a compilation of multiple chemical-protein annotation resources, as well as disease-associated protein-protein interactions (PPIs).
  • Over 700,000 unique chemicals with biological annotation were assembled for 30,578 proteins.
  • Over 2-million chemical-protein interactions were gathered, which were integrated in a quality scored human PPI network of 428,429 interactions.
  • The PPI network layer allows for studying disease and tissue specificity through each protein complex.
  • ChemProt can assist in the in silico evaluation of environmental chemicals, natural products and approved drugs, as well as the selection of new compounds based on their activity profile against most known biological targets, including those related to adverse drug events.
  • chemical-protein interaction
  • chemical biology
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