Pathway Commons -- Biological Pathway Data Resource

What you can do:
Search and visualize public biological pathway information.
  • Pathway Commons is a collection of publicly available pathway data from multiple organisms.
  • It provides a web-based interface that enables biologists to browse and search a comprehensive collection of pathways from multiple sources represented in a common language, a download site that provides integrated bulk sets of pathway information in standard or convenient formats and a web service that software developers can use to conveniently query and access all data.
  • Database providers can share their pathway data via a common repository. Pathways include biochemical reactions, complex assembly, transport and catalysis events and physical interactions involving proteins, DNA, RNA, small molecules and complexes.
  • Pathway Commons aims to collect and integrate all public pathway data available in standard formats.
  • It currently contains data from nine databases with over 1400 pathways and 687,000 interactions and will be continually expanded and updated.
  • biological pathway
  • gene pathway
  • protein pathway
  • metabolic pathway
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