P2CS -- Prokaryotic 2-Component Systems

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Find information about two-component system (TCS) signal transduction proteins.
  • P2CS is a specialized database for prokaryotic two-component systems (TCSs), virtually ubiquitous signalling proteins which regulate a wide range of physiological processes.
  • The primary aim of the database is to annotate and classify TCS proteins from completely sequenced prokaryotic genomes and metagenomes.
  • Information within P2CS can be accessed through a variety of routes-TCS complements can be browsed by metagenome, replicon or sequence cluster (and these genesets are available for download by users).
  • Each TCS protein is fully annotated with sequence-feature information including replicon context, while properties of the predicted proteins can be queried against several external prediction servers to suggest homologues, interaction networks, sub-cellular localization and domain complements.
  • Another unique feature of P2CS is the analysis of ORFeomes to identify TCS genes missed during genome annotation.
  • Recent innovations for P2CS include a CGView representation of the distribution of TCS genes around a replicon, categorization of TCS genes based on gene organization, an expanded domain-based classification scheme, a P2CS 'gene cart' and categorization on the basis of sequence clusters.
  • signal transduction protein
  • two-component system
  • prokaryotic two-component system
  • prokaryotic signalling protein
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