REPAIRtoire -- A database of DNA repair pathways

What you can do:
Find information about DNA repair pathways in H.sapiens, E.coli and S.cerevisiae.
  • REPAIRtoire is a database resource for systems biology of DNA damage and repair.
  • It collects and organizes the following types of information: (i) DNA damage linked to environmental mutagenic and cytotoxic agents, (ii) pathways comprising individual processes and enzymatic reactions involved in the removal of damage, (iii) proteins participating in DNA repair and (iv) diseases correlated with mutations in genes encoding DNA repair proteins.
  • It provides also links to publications and external databases.
  • It contains information about eight main DNA damage checkpoint, repair and tolerance pathways: DNA damage signaling, direct reversal repair, base excision repair, nucleotide excision repair, mismatch repair, homologous recombination repair, nonhomologous end-joining and translesion synthesis.
  • The pathway/protein dataset is currently limited to three model organisms: Escherichia coli, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Homo sapiens.
  • The DNA repair and tolerance pathways are represented as graphs and in tabular form with descriptions of each repair step and corresponding proteins, and individual entries are cross-referenced to supporting literature and primary databases.
  • REPAIRtoire can be queried by the name of pathway, protein, enzymatic complex, damage and disease.
  • In addition, a tool for drawing custom DNA-protein complexes is available online.
  • homo sapiens
  • Escherichi coli,
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • DNA repair pathway
  • DNA damage repair
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