DAnCER -- Disease ANnotated Chromatin Epigenetic Resource

What you can do:
Find information about genes related to chromatin modification.
  • Here we present the DAnCER resource, which integrates information on genes with Chromatin modification (CM) function from five model organisms, including human.
  • CM is a set of epigenetic processes that govern many aspects of DNA replication, transcription and repair.
  • CM is carried out by groups of physically interacting proteins, and their disruption has been linked to a number of complex human diseases.
  • Currently integrated are gene functional annotations, Pfam domain architecture, protein interaction networks and associated human diseases.
  • Additional supporting evidence includes orthology relationships across organisms, membership in protein complexes, and information on protein 3D structure.
  • These data are available for 962 experimentally confirmed and manually curated CM genes and for over 5000 genes with predicted CM function on the basis of orthology and domain composition.
  • DAnCER allows visual explorations of the integrated data and flexible query capabilities using a variety of data filters.
  • In particular, disease information and functional annotations are mapped onto the protein interaction networks, enabling the user to formulate new hypotheses on the function and disease associations of a given gene based on those of its interaction partners.
  • chromatin modification
  • epigenetics
  • chromatin modification disruption
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