Protegen -- PROTEctive antiGEN database

What you can do:
  • Protegen is a web-based central database and analysis system that curates, stores and analyzes protective antigens.
  • Basic antigen information and experimental evidence are curated from peer-reviewed articles.
  • More detailed gene/protein information (e.g. DNA and protein sequences, and COG classification) are automatically extracted from existing databases using internally developed scripts.
  • Bioinformatics programs are also applied to compute different antigen features, such as protein weight and pI, and subcellular localizations of bacterial proteins.
  • Presently, 590 protective antigens have been curated against over 100 infectious diseases caused by pathogens and non-infectious diseases (including cancers and allergies).
  • A web query and visualization interface is developed for interactive protective antigen search.
  • A customized BLAST sequence similarity search is also developed for analysis of new sequences provided by the users.
  • To support data exchange, the information of protective antigens is stored in the Vaccine Ontology (VO) in OWL format and can also be exported to FASTA and Excel files.
  • protective antigen
  • antigen
  • infectious disease
  • immune response
  • immune system
  • vaccine development
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