MitoGenesisDB -- Mitochondrial Spatio-Temporal Expression Database

What you can do:
Find information about mitochondrial proteins.
  • MitoGenesisDB is a database that focuses on the dynamic of mitochondrial protein formation through global mRNA analyses.
  • Three main parameters confer a global view of mitochondrial biogenesis: (i) time-course of mRNA production in highly synchronized yeast cell cultures, (ii) microarray analyses of mRNA localization that define translation sites and (iii) mRNA transcription rate and stability which characterize genes that are more dependent on post-transcriptional regulation processes.
  • MitoGenesisDB integrates and establishes cross-comparisons between these data. Several model organisms can be analyzed via orthologous relationships between interspecies genes.
  • More generally this database supports the 'post-transcriptional operon' model, which postulates that eukaryotes co-regulate related mRNAs based on their functional organization in ribonucleoprotein complexes.
  • MitoGenesisDB allows identifying such groups of post-trancriptionally regulated genes and is thus a useful tool to analyze the complex relationships between transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation processes.
  • mitochondria
  • mitochondrial protein
  • mitochondrial protein formation
  • mRNA transcription
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