• Black & White Printers:
    • Main floor, across from stairwell
    • Upper floor, next to the stairwell
  • Color Printer
    • Upper floor, next to the stairwell
  • Print directly from Falk Library computers and laptops
  • Configure your personal computer or laptop
  • From your smartphone, send email to (B&W) or (color)

Solutions to Common Printing Problems

  • My Pitt ID card won’t swipe.
    • Try inputting your Pitt username and password on the touchscreen.
  • I sent a job to the printer, but it isn’t showing up when I swipe my Pitt ID card.
    • It can take several minutes for a job to show up in your queue. If you’ve waited and it’s still not there, try resending the job from a Falk Library computer.
  • I hit “Print,” but my job didn’t print, and it’s no longer in my queue.
    • Wait a moment – some jobs can take a few minutes to process before they begin to print. If you’re still having problems, try resending the job, and/or visit the Technology Help Desk for information on who to contact to get your print funds back.
  • The “Print” option on the touchscreen isn’t working.
    • Try tapping “Print All” instead.
  • The job I sent to the color printer came out in black and white.
    • Make sure that you selected “color” in the Print Settings in the program you were using.
  • The printer is jammed.
    • Ask the Technology Help Desk assistant to help you clear it. If they can’t, they will call a technician to help.

Printing Etiquette: Avoid Printing Many Pages at Once

  • Large print jobs take a long time to process.
    • Large jobs (many pages or documents that are graphics-heavy) can take a long time to show up in your queue, and a long time to process after you tap “Print” on the touchscreen. Instead, try splitting large documents into smaller print jobs.
  • Please be respectful of other patrons’ time.
    • Avoid printing many pages at once during peak times or while others are waiting to use the printer.