Public Health “collection” was created to highlight the early books on epidemics, plagues and fevers in the library. Majority of them come from the Graduate School of Public Health whose holdings were incorporated when the Falk Library became the central library for all the schools of health sciences. The list focuses on the plagues, cholera and yellow fever, but it includes also the books on other infectious diseases, hygiene, vital statistics, population and other public health related issues.

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Earliest texts


Arcolani, GiovanniExpositio in primam fen quarti Canonis Avicennae De febribus. [On fevers] Venice 1496

Two rare reports, the landmarks in the field of public health, donated in 1952 to the University by Dr. Wilson G. Smillie, then professor of public health and preventive medicine at Cornell University Medical College are available also online:

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