Treasures from the Rare Book Room

The most famous book in the collection is De Humani Corporis Fabrica Libri Septem by Andreas Vesalius. The library has both the first edition (1543) and the second (1555), which is considered better than the first edition.

The oldest book in the collection is Johannis Herculani expositio in primam fen quarti canonis Avicenne by Giovanni Arcolani (1496)

The largest book in the collection is Anatomie générale des viscères... by Gautier Dagoty (ca 1752)

The smallest book in the collection is Dr. Hitchcock’s teeth almanac for the year 1844

The heaviest book in the collection is Biblia sacra, a facsimile of Gutenberg Bible weighing 37 pounds

Other special and interesting items from the collection are featured regularly in the HSLS Update column Treasures from the Rare Book Room: