Exhibition: Scientists as Artists Reprise

Scientists are a creative bunch, though they don’t always get credit for it. For some, devising experiments and visualizing data provide satisfying opportunity for creative expression. Others are moved to go further; they’ll pick up a paintbrush or dabble in sculpture and find that the studio is as good a place for experimentation as the lab.

Falk Library’s Scientists as Artists Reprise exhibit gives a second viewing opportunity to many of the art pieces by Pitt scientists better known for their peer-reviewed research, which were displayed at Science 2018 this past October. Supplementing the exhibit are additional art pieces, allowing more than one to be displayed per artist.

The suggestion to feature scientists' artwork came from Pitt structural biology researcher Esra Bozkurt, PhD, who participated in a similar exhibition while in Switzerland. The idea received enthusiastic support from the Center for Biologic Imaging’s Donna Stolz, PhD, and Jonathan Franks, MS, who have annually curated Science as Art for many years

The images you see below are photographs taken of the artwork as it is displayed in Falk Library and are not originals. As photographed, there are some inconsistencies in lighting and glare. Please note that the artwork is intended to be viewed in person for the duration of the exhibit, and these photos are available only as a reference to our viewers.

Location: Scaife Hall, Falk Library, Upper Floor Study Area

Another New World
Liza Bruk
Scanning electron microscope on rigid board
10 x 10 in
Atlas Mountains
J. Richard Jennings
Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology and Clinical and Translational Science
13 x 16 in
Ana Carolina Aguilar Cordova
Recent Graduate from UPMC Shadyside Family Medicine Residency Program
Acrylic on canvas
16 x 20 in
Calm in Chaos
Anusha Rangarajan
Graduate Student, Bioengineering Department
Acrylic on canvas
18 x 24 in
Cat in the Sun
Lydia Perkins
Acrylic on canvas
14 x 11 in
Eugenia Cifuentes-Pagano
Pharmacology and Chemical Biology
Fused glass
13 x 9 x 1 in
Death of the $2 Haircut
Michael Ward
Neurological Surgery
Mixed media on masonite
48 x 36 in
Denslow’s Bad Dream
Michael Ward
Neurological Surgery
Pastel on canvas
40 x 30 in
Anna Iouchmanov
Undergraduate Student, Biological Sciences
Print on foam board
4.5 x 6.5 in
Cindy St. Hilaire
Dept. of Medicine / VMI
Alcohol ink on Yupo paper
16 x 20 in