About search.HSLS

The search.HSLS feature allows you to access HSLS and Pitt resources quickly via a keyword search. Each tab searches a different pool of resources.

The Pitt Resources tab offers a quick search of PITTCat, the online catalog. Use it to retrieve the titles of books, journals, electronic resources, and more from any Pitt library. Enter a keyword, or try typing the first part of a title. For popular searches, a drop-down menu will appear, offering an autocomplete option. Click on the Search button to retrieve a list of titles. Resources available online from HSLS are listed first, in a highlighted box at the top of the results list, with links to the full text. Other entries link to the PITTCat record for more information.

The E-Book Full Text tab searches the content of over 1,000 electronic books in the HSLS collection. Enter a keyword search, and relevant chapters or sections of e-books are listed. The links connect to the full text.

search.bioPreprint helps researchers to comprehensively search preprint databases to discover cutting edge, yet-to-be published or reviewed biomedical research articles. For more about search.bioPreprint, please see About search.bioPreprint


  • Want to limit a search? Try the clusters on the left side of the results screen to narrow down a search with too many results.
  • Want to run the same search in a different tab? After running a search in one tab, click a new tab at the top of the search.HSLS box and then click on Search to run it again on another set of resources.