Class Type: Instructional and Visual Design

Scientific Drawing with Illustrator

In this intermediate level workshop, you will work hands-on with Illustrator to create shapes and drawings to be used in figures for publication or presentation. Attendees will recreate custom figures like a  bacteria with 3D shading and an endoplasmic reticulum drawing. Learn how to work with tools in Illustrator (pen, curvature, shape, mesh) as well as change color and outline properties.

Please register for and download Adobe Illustrator prior to this session. Practicing along in Illustrator is strongly encouraged, but optional for attendees.

Class materials will be made available to class registrants. This class will not be recorded. 

Photoshop Layers and Tools

In this beginner level class, attendees will practice with tools and layers in a step-by-step fashion to gain familiarity with Photoshop workflows. Several example images will be used to demonstrate cutting objects out of backgrounds, adding text and shapes, and creating a multiple-image montage. You are encouraged to describe the skills you wish to learn in the registration form so that they are covered in the lessons.

Attendees are strongly encouraged to attend the Introduction to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator class or review the Choosing Photoshop or Illustrator guide prior to attending this session.

Please review options to register for and download Adobe Photoshop prior to this session. A limited amount of laptops with Adobe Photoshop will be available to attendees for the session held at Falk Library. After capacity is reached, you may have the option to attend if you are able to bring your own laptop with Photoshop installed. Online attendees may practice along in Photoshop for enhanced understanding, but use of Photoshop during the online session is optional.

Class materials will be made available to class attendees. This class will not be recorded.

Graphic Design with Canva

Learn how to make attention-getting posters, presentation graphics, and social media posts with Canva, a free online graphic design platform. This 90 minutes hands-on class will show you how to create an account, find free templates and stock photos, upload your own images, and download or print your finished product. Basic elements of design will also be discussed.

After this class, participants will be able to:

  • Create a social media graphic in Canva
  • Make a simple graph in Canva

Class materials will be made available to class attendees. This class will not be recorded.

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Adobe software includes two powerful image editing programs, Photoshop and Illustrator. If you are planning to work with one or both of these programs, this class will introduce you to the basics of image types, which program features are most suitable for different image editing projects, and how to continue practicing with the software of your choice.

This session is strongly encouraged if you are a beginner. It is offered as the first session in a series of Photoshop and Illustrator workshops through HSLS.

You are not expected to use Photoshop or Illustrator during this class. Although the instructor will demonstrate the software, there will be no exercises done as a class.

Class materials will be made available to class attendees. This class will not be recorded.

PowerPoint for Conference Posters

The instructor will lead attendees through menus and options in PowerPoint that can be utilized to design a conference poster for either print or an online presentation. You will practice choosing sizes, colors, fonts, as well as making margins and aligning boxes to each other. Learn to build your poster using PowerPoint features such as tables, charts, and SmartArt, as well as import images from other sources. Attendees are encouraged, but not required, to practice along in PowerPoint on a second screen during this session.

Class materials will be made available to class attendees. This class will not be recorded.

Infographics: Sharing Information Visually

In this class, you'll learn what infographics are and how they can make it easier and more engaging to convey your information. The majority of this class will focus on demonstrating an online resource (Piktochart) so you will be ready to create your own infographics.

Class materials will be made available to class attendees. This class will not be recorded.

Free Images (and More) on the Web and How to Cite Them

Tired of clip art? Looking for just the right image for your slides? Do you want to minimize text in your PowerPoints? Bring your presentations to life with images, sounds, or video discovered through search engines specializing in free multimedia. Learn to search for image criteria such as concept or color. Just as important, learn how to write a citation giving credit to the photographer or artist. You’ll leave this class with an overview of the resources you need for more creative presentations.