Class Type: Flow

Walk-In Clinic: Install Computational Algorithms on Personal Computer

Get assistance installing viSNE and SPADE onto your personal computer, either Mac or Windows. You must have Matlab already installed. Support will be provided for installing viSNE and SPADE. Registrants may freely come and go during the allotted time period.

Class Location: HSLS Molecular Biology Information Service Suite (ask at front desk of Falk Library in Scaife Hall, floor 2)

  • Registration required
  • Pre-requisite: must have attended Intro to Computational Flow Cytometry Lecture
  • Pre-requisite: must have Matlab 2017 or 2016 already installed on your personal computer (and not the newest Matlab 2018 version).

For teaching faculty & students: download Matlab from software download services.

For staff, postdocs, & other researchers: purchase a Matlab license prior to download (~$100/yr). Contact or your departmental IT staff member, and then download Matlab from software download services.

Intro to Computational Flow Cytometry

This lecture provides an overview of computational flow algorithms (viSNE, SPADE, Phenograph, CITRUS, FlowSOM), the basic principles of algorithm operation, and how to access the algorithms at Pitt or through commercial vendors. Knowledge of flow cytometry principles and basic gating is assumed. Registration required.

Class Location: E1095 BST