Working with the HSLS Systematic Review Program

Working with the HSLS Systematic Review Program

Who is eligible to use the HSLS Systematic Review Program?

  • Pitt faculty with primary appointments within the Schools of the Health Sciences, University of Pittsburgh
  • UPMC Residents and Fellows affiliated with the UPMC Office of Graduate Medical Education

Librarian authorship

A librarian who has completed literature searches for a systematic review has made a major scholarly contribution to that project and will be included as a co-author on any abstracts or manuscripts that arise from the project. As a co-author, the librarian will draft the literature search sections required for these documents, contribute to discussions about where to submit abstracts or manuscripts, and will be given the opportunity to review all abstracts or manuscripts prior to their submission for publication.

A protocol is required

HSLS librarians will not begin work on any systematic review literature searches until a final protocol has been provided. Protocols provided to HSLS may be reviewed internally to ensure completeness and appropriateness of topic.

Timeframe for literature searches and project completion

Comprehensive literature searches typically require several months for completion. HSLS librarians collaborate on a limited number of reviews at any one time and may not be able to immediately begin work on your literature searches. If a librarian is not immediately available, your project will be placed on a waiting list and you will be given an estimated start date. Once the literature searches are completed, you and your team may need an additional nine to twelve months (or more) to complete the review.

Please see the HSLS Systematic Review Libguide for additional information about systematic reviews.