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Molecular Biology

Cell and tissue based molecular pathology / edited by Raymond R. Tubbs, Mark H. Stoler. 1st ed.
Chaperones : methods and protocols / edited by Stuart K. Calderwood, Thomas L. Prince.
Elements of molecular neurobiology / C.U.M. Smith. 3rd ed.
Intercellular signaling in development and disease / editors-in-chief, Edward A. Dennis, Ralph A. Bradshaw.
Introduction to molecular medicine and gene therapy / edited by Thomas F. Kresina.
Ion channels : from atomic resolution physiology to functional genomics / [editors, Gregory Bock and Jamie A. Goode]
Mammalian TRP channels as molecular targets / [edited by Derek J. Chadwick and Jamie A. Goode].
Molecular basis of cancer / [edited by] John Mendelsohn, Joe W. Gray, Peter M. Howley, Mark A. Israel, Craig B. Thompson. Fourth edition
Molecular basis of skeletogenesis / [editors, Gail Cardew and Jamie A. Goode].
Molecular biology / David P. Clark, Nanette J. Pazdernik. 2nd ed.
Molecular biology in cellular pathology [electronic resources] / edited by John Crocker, Paul G. Murray.
Molecular biology problem solver : a laboratory guide / edited by Alan S. Gerstein.
Molecular biology techniques : a classroom laboratory manual / Susan Carson, Heather Miller, D. Scott Witherow. 3rd ed.
Molecular clocks and light signalling / [editors, Derek J. Chadwick and Jamie A. Goode].
Molecular medicine : genomics to personalized healthcare / Ronald J. Trent. 4th ed.
Molecular motors / edited by Manfred Schliwa.
Principles of medical biochemistry / Gerhard Meisenberg, William H. Simmons. Fourth edition.
Principles of virology / Jane Flint, Department of Molecular Biology, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey ; Vincent R. Racaniello, Department of Microbiology, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, New York, New York ; Glenn F. R 4th edition.
Proprotein convertases / edited by Majambu Mbikay, Nabil G. Seidah.
Signal transduction / Ijsbrand M. Kramer. Third edition.
Signal transduction and human disease / edited by Toren Finkel, J. Silvio Gutkind.
Sodium channels and neuronal hyperexcitability / [editors, Gregory Bock and Jamie A. Goode].
Tietz textbook of clinical chemistry and molecular diagnostics / [edited by] Nader Rifai, Andrea Rita Horvath, Carl T. Wittwer. Sixth edition
Transduction mechanisms in cellular signaling / editors-in-chief, Edward A. Dennis, Ralph A. Bradshaw. 1st ed.
Transmembrane transporters / edited by Michael W. Quick.